Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Everyone would experience sleep problems at one time or another. These occasional sleep problems could be caused by temporal stress or external factors. A sleep problem is defined by regular occurrence that interferes with everyday life and it is usually link to poor sleep hygiene. Insufficient quality sleep is a serious problem that can be a threaten lives. Ignoring sleep problems can lead and open doors to many unwanted stress, poor health, emotional imbalance and may interrupt your job performance. Do you have any of these below? 1.Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep 2.Feeling extremely sleepy during the day 3.Stress at school, at home or at work 4.Fidgety and restless legs when you sleep at night 5.Constantly busy throughout the day and exhausted 6.Have difficulty concentrating in tasks 7.Falling asleep [...]

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While You Were Sleeping

What do you notice when you watch a child sleeping? On the surface, you see a peaceful and restful child and oh-how beautiful they look. If you look a little longer, soon you will notice movement in the eyes, coupled with some light jerks of the hands and legs. Well, verily, verily I say unto you… it’s normal. While all voluntary muscular activities are temporarily suspended, your brain is still somewhat active and shift into different STAGES – REM sleep & Non-REM sleep. These sleep stages can be seen with an electroencephalograph (now say it 10 times), in short, it’s just EEG! With these stages, you’ll understand sleep better and perhaps, just perhaps become more conscious of your own sleeping habit. Here are the sleep stages in a nutshell. When [...]

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