Everyone Needs 8 Hours of Sleep
Eight is not a magic number. Everyone is different and require different needs. However, it’s about the quality of sleep, not the quantity. You’ll know you’ve got good, quality sleep when you sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling fully recharged the next morning.


Some People Only Live With 4 Hours of Sleep At Night, So Do I
Although there are some who survive on little sleep every night, they do not necessarily do better. Too little sleep is bad for health as many health problems are related to sleep. For example, insufficient sleep affects obesity, weight gain, cardiovascular and many other health diseases.


You Should “Catch Up” on Your Sleep When You Can
Sleeping in on weekends to make up lost sleep during the weekdays will not help in your regulating sleep routine. In fact, it increases your sleep debt. Bingeing on your sleep will only upset your circadian rhythms and hinders you from getting a refreshing sleep. Your body loves consistencies, so it’s best to sleep and rise the same time every day, including weekends!


Snoring Is Common & Definitely Harmless
Although snoring can be harmless for most people, it can be a symptom of a life threatening sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is characterized as pauses in breathing that prevents air from flowing into or out of the person’s airways. These breathing pauses can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Sleep apnea is often accompanied by daytime sleepiness as they are frequently awakened in the middle in the night gasping for air. People having Sleep apnea should consult a doctor as it can be treated.


You Need Prescription Drugs If You Cannot Sleep At Night
Sleep medications are designed for short- term sleep problems and have harmful side effects. There are many alternatives one can choose to have better sleep at night. Since the most common sleep problems are caused by stress, choosing to deal with stressful events, practice good ‘sleep hygiene’ and changing your lifestyle can help you sleep better. Alternatively, natural sleep supplements like Rilax can help you to get good sleep every night, without side effects.