What Do Your Dreams Say About Your Sleep Quality?

good night’s sleep is far more nuanced than simply putting in your seven to nine hours and calling it a day. Good, healthy sleep means feeling rested upon waking. It means not having chronic bad dreams or nightmares. And it turns out that the difference between a smile-filled slumber and a fearful one isn’t entirely up to chance. According to a group of French researchers writing in the Journal of Sleep Research, all people dream when they sleep, even people who think they don’t. But is there a correlation between good sleep and good dreams? We partnered with Sleep Number to dig into this and other dream-related questions: Does sleeping well lead to more — or more pleasant — dreams? Does sleeping poorly lead to bad dreams? The answers to [...]

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Join Us in Our World Sleep Day 2016 Project!

In order to sleep better, you must first get to know your sleep habits. We at Rilax advocate a good night’s sleep, and most importantly we advocate healthy sleep habits that are natural and sustainable. A good night’s sleep could be just a pillow-pat away, and sleep journaling is the best first step we could make towards getting better sleep! HOW IT WILL WORK: Step 1: Send us your name, age, email address and number to let us know you are interested to participate. Step 2: We will get in touch with you, and send you a template of our Sleep Journal to help you track your sleep habits. It will only take you a few minutes to answer a few easy questions before bed and when you wake up [...]

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