Helping our Malaysian healthcare workers get the rest they need

Petaling Jaya, 14th April 2020- Sleep is probably one of the most valued commodities for our healthcare workers now serving in our public healthcare facilities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Tiredness and a lack of sleep are among issues faced by our healthcare workers especially front liners who are putting in the extra hours on a daily basis. Hospital Sungai Buloh staff receiving Rilax University Malaya Medical Centre staff receiving Rilax To help our national heroes sleep better after their shifts, Livelife Sdn Bhd is sponsoring 400 boxes of Rilax sleep supplements for healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic at public healthcare facilities at Hospital Sungai Buloh and University Malaya Medical Centre.We are indeed delighted to sponsor our Rilax sleep supplements to our heroes fighting this pandemic. Our [...]

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Covid–19: Why sleep could be a lifesaver

Sleep could prove to be a lifesaver when it comes to Covid-19 – both in staving it off and minimising symptoms when it hits. We all know that not getting enough sleep leaves us stressed, tired and likely to overeat, but it also leaves us open to infection. While it’s too early for any studies to have been done on the effects of sleep on this particular coronavirus (Covid-19), in 2015 researchers in the US deliberately infected 164 volunteers with the rhinovirus (common cold). They found that the people who slept less than six hours a night were four times more likely to develop cold symptoms than the ones who slept for seven hours or more. This is because you’re resting when you’re asleep. Through all the phases of sleep your [...]

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Getting good sleep during the covid-19 pandemic

Coronavirus stress and sleep Coronavirus COVID-19 is a new infection that has spread around the world in recent months. This is a pandemic. This virus is very infectious, so it is easy for it to spread from person to person. To prevent COVID-19 from spreading too quickly and too widely, governments all around the world have placed restrictions on what people can and cannot do. There has also been a lot of media reports about COVID-19 and the associated economic impacts and health effects of this virus. All of these things can easily make people anxious and stressed. This is natural when there are many unknown factors. Fear and anxiety can cause strong emotions in adults and children, which may result in difficulty sleeping. When our sleep is of a [...]

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