The ultimate rejuvenating elixir of life. Vital for the maintenance and repair of our body and mind. During deep sleep, brain activity that controls emotions, decision-making processes and social interactions shuts down, allowing us to maintain optimal emotional and social functions when we are awake. A good night’s sleep also plays a critical role in strengthening the body’s immune defenses and promotes cell growth and cell repair to combat the effects of stress.


STRESS. ANXIETY. DEPRESSION. Just about everyone feels these emotions at some time. Common reactions to life’s challenges, from losing a loved one to going through a divorce, these emotions may affect some aspects of sleep. Studies show that disrupted sleep and insomnia leads to greater levels of stress, anxiety and depression, and the cycle continues. Getting quality sleep each night can break the stress-sleep cycle and allows the brain to relax and recuperate.


​A product of LiveLive BioSciences AG Switzerland.

BEST-SELLER. “No.1 in best price-quality ration”. Rilax was awarded the Best Buy Award Health 2017/2018 Malaysia for Dietary Supplement for Better Sleep.

NATURAL. With active ingredients derived from milk and green tea, Rilax improves sleep quality and promotes relaxation so you will get the healthy, restorative sleep your body needs.

PROVEN. Rilax works. The results of recent study showed that the group on Rilax experienced overall better sleep quality, reduced sleep latency, reduced sleep disturbances and improved daytime functioning, and lowered stress, anxiety and depression levels.


New Clinical Study* shows in 1-3 weeks Rilax:


Rilax has enabled me to sleep through the night. It has also given me the deep sleep that I have not experienced for years. I am very thankful for this natural sleep supplement that has helped me overcome my sleep problem...
Kian Siew
I sometimes stay up all night completing lengthy assignments and have trouble sleeping due to stress and anxiety, then going to school feeling dazed, confused and inattentive. Thanks to Rilax, my worries have greatly lessened...
Jarryl Boey
Working in Hong Kong is like being in a 'pressure cooker' city that can sometimes provide sensory overload. Rilax offers me peace of mind to get that much needed deep sleep at night...
Ken Chew

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