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How Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Heart

Sleep is essential for a healthy heart. People who don’t sleep enough are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease—regardless of age, weight, smoking and exercise habits. One study that examined data from 3,000 adults over the age of 45 found that those who slept fewer than six hours per night were about twice as likely to have a stroke or heart attack as people who slept six to eight hours per night. It’s not completely clear why less sleep is detrimental to heart health, but researchers understand that sleeping too little causes disruptions in underlying health conditions and biological processes like glucose metabolism, blood pressure, and inflammation. REM sleep begins with signals from an area at the base of the brain called the pons. These signals travel to a brain [...]

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What Do Your Dreams Say About Your Sleep Quality?

good night’s sleep is far more nuanced than simply putting in your seven to nine hours and calling it a day. Good, healthy sleep means feeling rested upon waking. It means not having chronic bad dreams or nightmares. And it turns out that the difference between a smile-filled slumber and a fearful one isn’t entirely up to chance. According to a group of French researchers writing in the Journal of Sleep Research, all people dream when they sleep, even people who think they don’t. But is there a correlation between good sleep and good dreams? We partnered with Sleep Number to dig into this and other dream-related questions: Does sleeping well lead to more — or more pleasant — dreams? Does sleeping poorly lead to bad dreams? The answers to [...]

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Join Us in Our World Sleep Day 2016 Project!

In order to sleep better, you must first get to know your sleep habits. We at Rilax advocate a good night’s sleep, and most importantly we advocate healthy sleep habits that are natural and sustainable. A good night’s sleep could be just a pillow-pat away, and sleep journaling is the best first step we could make towards getting better sleep! HOW IT WILL WORK: Step 1: Send us your name, age, email address and number to let us know you are interested to participate. Step 2: We will get in touch with you, and send you a template of our Sleep Journal to help you track your sleep habits. It will only take you a few minutes to answer a few easy questions before bed and when you wake up [...]

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The stats are in: We’re not sleeping enough! (Malaysiakini)

When it comes to being healthy, there is a lot of talk about diet and exercise, but not as much about sleep. What is really the third pillar of our health is often taken for granted, but the truth is our sleep contributes directly and indirectly to all our other functioning including work or study performance, as well as diet and exercise itself. Read More...

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Top 5 Sleep Myths

#MYTH 1 Everyone Needs 8 Hours of Sleep Eight is not a magic number. Everyone is different and require different needs. However, it’s about the quality of sleep, not the quantity. You’ll know you’ve got good, quality sleep when you sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling fully recharged the next morning. #MYTH 2 Some People Only Live With 4 Hours of Sleep At Night, So Do I Although there are some who survive on little sleep every night, they do not necessarily do better. Too little sleep is bad for health as many health problems are related to sleep. For example, insufficient sleep affects obesity, weight gain, cardiovascular and many other health diseases. #MYTH 3 You Should “Catch Up” on Your Sleep When You Can Sleeping in on [...]

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Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Everyone would experience sleep problems at one time or another. These occasional sleep problems could be caused by temporal stress or external factors. A sleep problem is defined by regular occurrence that interferes with everyday life and it is usually link to poor sleep hygiene. Insufficient quality sleep is a serious problem that can be a threaten lives. Ignoring sleep problems can lead and open doors to many unwanted stress, poor health, emotional imbalance and may interrupt your job performance. Do you have any of these below? 1.Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep 2.Feeling extremely sleepy during the day 3.Stress at school, at home or at work 4.Fidgety and restless legs when you sleep at night 5.Constantly busy throughout the day and exhausted 6.Have difficulty concentrating in tasks 7.Falling asleep [...]

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While You Were Sleeping

What do you notice when you watch a child sleeping? On the surface, you see a peaceful and restful child and oh-how beautiful they look. If you look a little longer, soon you will notice movement in the eyes, coupled with some light jerks of the hands and legs. Well, verily, verily I say unto you… it’s normal. While all voluntary muscular activities are temporarily suspended, your brain is still somewhat active and shift into different STAGES – REM sleep & Non-REM sleep. These sleep stages can be seen with an electroencephalograph (now say it 10 times), in short, it’s just EEG! With these stages, you’ll understand sleep better and perhaps, just perhaps become more conscious of your own sleeping habit. Here are the sleep stages in a nutshell. When [...]

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Drowning in Sleep Debt

Did you know that sleep debt affects our bodily functions and causes us to be less productive, irritable and depressed? What is Sleep Debt? Sleep debt or sleep deficit is the accumulative effect of sleep loss from insufficient sleep. An average adult should sleep at least 8 hours per night. When our body does not get enough sleep, our body may experience symptoms of sleep deprivation. Will one hour less of sleep make a difference? YES.Even an hour of sleep loss disrupts certain cognitive and physical tasks. One with sleep deficit may experience slower reaction times, decrease in the ability to sustain attention, memory loss, or depression. Building sleep debt overnight can behazardous towards our health and increasing the risk of developing chronic illnesses. In short, sleep deficiency magnifies many [...]

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Sleep vs Football

When the football season kicks off, sporting fans often had to make a difficult choice between sleep and football. Like most international sporting events held in countries where timing difference becomes apparent, the games may start at the time when you are about to sleep and last till the wee hours in the morning. A week of this schedule and normal sleep patterns are now destroyed. Bleary-eyed and operating in less than optimal capacity, you get through the day with cups of caffeine.  It’s a tough choice: do you turn your back on the opportunity to watch live sporting or do you surrender to your biological requirements and rest your head on the pillow. Studies of sleep deprivation have shown that missing the proper amount of sleep for even one day [...]

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