Watson HWB Award 2007

Best New Stress Relief Supplement

Watson HWB Award 2011

Best Mind Relaxing Supplement

Best Buy Award Health 2017/2018

#1 place in the category: Dietary Supplements for Better Sleep voted by customers as best price-quality ratio


Ministry of Health, Malaysia
Product Registration

HQC Halal Certification No: 1061073435

Halal certificate for Lactium

US FDA New Dietary Ingredients : #287

US NDI notification for Lactium

US Patent: 5,846,939

The patent for Alpha-S1 Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate

GRAS Notice No.209

GRN Notification – L-Theanine

GRAS Notice No.338

GRN Notification – L-Theanine

GRAS Notice No.501

GRN Notification – L-Theanine