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Get Refreshing Sleep this Holiday Season

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For a lot of people, the holiday season means a time of traveling and visiting new places or reuniting with relatives in other parts of the world. While we may look forward to this time of the year, the travel itself can be exhausting. Sleeping in a car or an airplane can be difficult, and if you’re traveling long distances you may experience jet lag as well.
“That’s why for this Christmas, Rilax Zzz brings you the best travel combo gift set to help you get good rest while you travel. Consumers will receive a complimentary microbead travel pillow, available in either in blue or red worth RM49.90 when they purchase the Rilax Zzz 30 capsules jumbo pack gift set,” says Aileen Chan, CEO of LiveLife, the distributor of Rilax Zzz.

A good travel neck pillow is a very important travel accessory. It can mean the difference between getting valuable sleep while traveling or an uncomfortable, tiring journey. Rilax Zzz’s durable complimentary pillow was selected as it supports the head and neck, and helps to relieve pressure and tiredness. It is also incredibly light weight, elastic and soft so you can squeeze it, squish it or stretch it.

Malaysia’s leading sleep supplement, Rilax Zzz® has been helping many users to experience deep rest, and to wake up feeling refreshed and alert. It contains two proven and award-winning ingredients, Lactium®, a unique bioactive peptide within a milk protein hydrolysate that has a calming effect, and a green tea extract containing amino acid L-Theanine that promotes relaxation.

Rilax Zzz is ideal and convenient to take along travels. It will help you get good quality sleep no matter what country you’re in and even if you are sleeping in a different bed or on an unfamiliar pillow. Taken an hour before bedtime, Rilax’s all natural ingredients work synergistically to promote deeper, restful sleep by helping the user to fall asleep easier and by improving the overall quality and length of sleep. It is also suitable for those experiencing sleep problems due to jet lag, stress, menopause, old age and shift work. Rilax Zzz is safe, non-habit forming, has no side effects and does not cause grogginess when you wake up.

Pricing & Availability

So, hurry! Get the solution for the rest you need while traveling. Rilax Zzz 30 capsules jumbo pack and microbead travel pillow combo gift set is available from December 2011 onwards at pharmacies. This limited combo pack is not to be missed, and is available on a while stock lasts basis only.