Rilax may be used to help people coping with stress from daily life, without side effects (sedation, disinhibition, tolerance). For people who face high stress levels daily, taking Rilax regularly will help to regulate their stress levels and hence, help to lower the risk of stress-related disorders.

People can adopt their own way of taking Rilax. It can be taken once off to cope with a specific situation e.g. an important exam, a presentation. In this case, it is to be taken at least one hour before the event and the effect begins to drecrease about 6 hours after the intake.

Rilax can also be taken as a daily diet to deal with a difficult and stressful period. The benefit appears after a few days. After a two-week or one-month treatment period they can continue depending on the person and its stress level. In this case, it is recommended to consume Rilax prior to bedtime. This recommendation is based on the fact that the lack of sleep, often provoked by stress of the day, increases the stress level. The relaxation provoked by Rilax helps to induce a better sleep, which prepares the person for a better following day. It can help break the vicious circle.

The dosage can be increased for persons with a higher body weight than the average.

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