Rilax will have some positive effect on sleep from the very first time it is taken. It is effective about an hour after intake. A real sensation of well-being appears after a few days of intake. However, it will not cause drowsiness, is not a drug and therefore different people with different sleep problems will experience benefits differently.


A 2011 survey was conducted amongst users. The key findings were:


Product Effectiveness:

  • 74% (3 out of 4) experience better sleep quality within 7 days
  • 46% (1 out of 2) experience better sleep quality within 3 days
  • 19% (1 out of 5) experience better sleep quality within 1 day (25% are not sure when they first experience results)


Customer Satisfaction:

93% are satisfied with Rilax

97% would take Rilax again

98% would recommend Rilax to family members & friends


Top 3 benefits experienced are:

  • Falling asleep easier and faster
  • Sleeping right through or longer and waking up less frequently
  • Waking up feeling slept well, refreshed and ready to face the day
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