Will Rilax be effective from the first time I take it?

Rilax will have some positive effect on sleep from the very first time it is taken. It is effective about an hour after intake. A real sensation of well-being appears after a few days of intake. However, it will not cause drowsiness, is not a drug and therefore different people with different sleep problems will experience benefits differently.   A 2011 survey was conducted amongst users. The key findings were:   Product Effectiveness: 74% (3 out of 4) experience better sleep quality within 7 days 46% (1 out of 2) experience better sleep quality within 3 days 19% (1 out of 5) experience better sleep quality within 1 day (25% are not sure when they first experience results)   Customer Satisfaction: 93% are satisfied with Rilax 97% would take Rilax [...]

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Will I feel drowsy after I take Rilax?

Even at higher doses, Rilax has no sedative effect. People who take Rilax feel more relaxed and sleep better or fall asleep easier at bedtime. One can remain awake and attentive if there is a need to.

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How many hours after consuming Rilax can we feel the effects?

In studies, Rilax’s Alpha S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate has shown to be physiologically effective about 1 hour after the intake. Nevertheless, a real sensation of wellbeing frequently appears after one week to 15 days. Rilax helps to promote better sleep and regulate stress and stress symptoms. The perceived effect may be different from one situation to another, depending on the individual.

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I’m a chronic insomniac, will Rilax work?

If you are suffering from severe sleeping issues, we recommend seeking advice from a physician or medical professional. However, it is worthwhile to try a natural product such as Rilax. A recent clinical study published in The Open Sleep Journal (2009;2) showed that Rilax’s active ingredient, Alpha S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate, helped a majority of participants to fall asleep faster, as well as significantly improve various aspects of sleep disorders. Results indicated improvement in sleep quality after two weeks of supplementation, along with decreases in sleep latency and daytime dysfunction after four weeks of supplementation.

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