When should Rilax be taken?

Each person may adapt the intake, whether in the morning or in the evening, depending on his/her feelings and specific needs.   Directions for Use: To promote sleep: 1 capsule a day, before bedtime. For general relaxation and to relieve stress: 1 capsule taken during the day Chronic stress: 1 capsule a day, before bedtime. Acute stress: 2 capsules taken together, before bedtime

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Can Rilax be used for other occasions?

Rilax may be used to help people coping with stress from daily life, without side effects (sedation, disinhibition, tolerance). For people who face high stress levels daily, taking Rilax regularly will help to regulate their stress levels and hence, help to lower the risk of stress-related disorders.People can adopt their own way of taking Rilax. It can be taken once off to cope with a specific situation e.g. an important exam, a presentation. In this case, it is to be taken at least one hour before the event and the effect begins to drecrease about 6 hours after the intake.Rilax can also be taken as a daily diet to deal with a difficult and stressful period. The benefit appears after a few days. After a two-week or one-month treatment period [...]

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What is the recommended dosage for Rilax?

The normal dosage is one capsule a day, one hour before bedtime. This dosage can be increased for a person with a higher body weight than the average, or who is experiencing a situation that causes an additional level of stress.   Depending on the situation, the dosage for Rilax can be varied: One capsule per day, taken one hour before sleep is the minimum recommended dose for one month for general sleep issues. One capsule per day, taken one hour before the stressful event (facing examination, an important meeting, making a public speech, etc). Two capsule per day for two weeks for faster action on your emotional state during a particular stressful period (change of career, moving house, quitting smoking, etc.)

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How long should I take Rilax?

People can adopt their own way of taking Rilax. It can be taken: nightly for better sleep as and when needed for better sleep in a once off intake to cope with a specific immediate need (exam, important meeting…) or a few days before a stressful event to anticipate. as a daily diet for several days and can even be used for several weeks during difficult and stressful periods in case of chronic symptoms, depending on the person and the stress level.

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