Rilax Zzz 24s + Sleep CD Combo Pack is Now Back Again!

When you purchase Rilax Zzz 24 capsules, you’ll receive a FREE Sleep CD. This is an on-pack promotion, so look out for the Rilax Zzz pack with the “Free CD” yellow-coloured sticker. The “Prescription for Sleep” CDs, available in Vol.1 & Vol. 2 are produced by renowned composer Norihiko Hibino & have been downloaded 250,000 times on iTune. “Prescription for Sleep” is a series of soothing and therapeutic music, recorded live on acoustic instruments at a rhythm that recreates the pulse of a mother’s heartbeat as heard from the womb. The music aims to bring listeners to the rel…axed state necessary in order to enter the first stage of sleep, and contains some inaudible frequencies in the 50-60 kHz range, which replicate frequencies found in nature, such as those of a murmuring forest stream. [...]