FDA authorises Ingredia claims for Lactium

The US FDA has authorised 7 claims for Lactium.

The dietary supplements manufacturers featuring Lactium in their products for adults will be able to communicate on the benefits of this bioactive:

  • "helps to reduce stress related symptoms"
  • "helps to reduce and maintain normal cortisol levels during acute stress events"
  • "helps to reduce stress related symptoms as a result of digestive troubles among stressed women"
  • "helps to improve the quality of sleep"
  • "helps reduce stress so you can fall asleep faster"
  • "helps you sleep longer due to stress reduction"
  • "helps to promote a healthy calming sleep due to stress reduction"

It is obviously a great recognition of the efficacy of Lactium on stress and how it can really help people who have issues coping with stress.

Lactium, a natural ingredient to manage stress and its related disorders. It is a milk protein hydrolysate, 100% natural, which contains a bioactive decapeptide with relaxing properties, called alpha-casozepine.

Nine clinical studies carried out between 1999 and 2018 on more than 500 healthy volunteers have proven the efficacy of Lactium to decrease and modulate stress and its related symptoms.

Lactium has the same mechanism of action as an anxiolytic without any toxicity or side effects.

Lactium may be used by every member of a family including pregnant women, overwhelmed by stress and anxiety:

  • Facing occasional stressful events (a competition, job interview, medical examination, public performance, etc.
  • Going through a difficult and stressful period: bereavement, job loss, divorce, etc.,
  • Experiencing symptoms linked to chronic professional or family related stress: sleep disorders, memory and libido disorders, mood swings, overeating, etc.

Stress and Anxiety in the US

50% of Americans feel stress during the day (Gallop, 2019) and 97% are aware that stress impacts negatively on their current health (Euromonitor Health survey, 2020).

At work, 83% of Americans suffer from work-related stress and 66% say they have lost sleep due to work stress.

Stress is not a fate; it can be managed! Lactium is the ideal solution for natural product lovers. Incorporated worldwide for more than 20 years in over 300 products designed for stress and anxiety management or sleep support, Lactium provides a natural way to gain restful sleep and serenity.

source: nutraceuticalbusinessreview.com/news/article_page/FDA_authorises_Ingredia_claims_for_Lactium/164692

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