Study Results on Rilax® - the Natural Sleeping Pill

* Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine 2019

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Key Finding 1:



Global Score measures overall sleep quality

Key Finding 2:



DASS evaluates mental health & emotional state

Key Finding 3:

Difficulty falling asleep is a major issue in insomnia.

Key Finding 4:

Recommended sleep duration is between 7 to 9 hours


Sleep disorder is common among the general population. A nutritional supplement containing alpha-s1-casein tryptic hydrolysate and L-theanine was evaluated for its effects in improving sleep quality. The study was conducted using a double-blind randomized trial. Intervention group received once-daily capsules of 150 mg alpha s1 casein tryptic hydrolysate and 50 mg L-theanine, and the control group were given placebo (150 mg skimmed milk powder) for four weeks. The outcome measurements were assessed on weekly basis using PSQI, DASS-21, clinical and biochemical parameters. ANOVA test were used to assess within group differences and ANCOVA were used to check for differences between groups. Significantly lower (better) sleep latency score, sleep disturbances score and daytime dysfunction score were demonstrated on week-4 in intervention group compared to placebo group. Profound differences were observed between the two groups for anxiety and stress scores from week-3 onwards, in which lower anxiety and stress scores were observed in intervention group compared to placebo group. In addition, significantly lower depression score in intervention group compared to placebo group on week-4 was observed. Intervention supplement has demonstrated potent effects in relieving anxiety, stress, depression and sleep quality.