The Company

LiveLife International

We are a company that is passionate about bringing you high quality, innovative and evidence-based health and beauty products. We have a research arm, LiveLife BioSciences AG, Switzerland which developed Rilax®. Our operations currently cover strategic markets in Asia-Pacific, namely Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan. Rilax® is the leading Sleep and Mental Health Supplement in Malaysia.

Soon after launching, Rilax® won Watson's 2007 Best New Stress Relief Supplement; and later Watson's Best Mind Relaxing Supplement award in 2011. Rilax® has been awarded by ICERTIAS Best Buy Award as #1 Dietary Supplement for Better Sleep in 2017-2019; by APAC Insider for Most Accessible Natural Sleep Aid in 2020, and Best Sleep Supplement Range in 2023.

Proven to be a natural, safe and easily accessible solution, Rilax is sold in pharmacies nationwide. In 2011, we conducted a survey which firstly showed that 93 percent of users were “satisfied and continued taking Rilax®”. Secondly, an impressive 98 percent would “recommend Rilax® to their family and friends”.

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