Rilax® Wins APAC Insider - South East Asia Business Awards 2023 for Best Sleep Supplement Range

Delivering millions of good night sleeps to Malaysians and Singaporeans since 2009, Rilax® has been awarded as “Best Sleep Supplement Range” at this year’s UK-based annual APAC Insider – South East Asia Business awards.

“We are truly overwhelmed. This is our second SEA Business awards – the first received was in 2020 for “Most Accessible Natural Sleep Aid”. For us, these awards are a great achievement for our brand Rilax and cements us as a leader in the sleep supplement category,” said LiveLife’s Chief Executive Officer, Aileen Chan.

Winners within the South East Asia Business Awards 2023 were determined via a thorough research and selection process based on merit and carried out by the dedicated team at APAC Insider, said a release announcing the awards.

Rilax®, available in both Malaysia and Singapore, is specifically formulated with RLX2™, a clinically tested formula containing the milk protein Alpha S1-casein tryptic hydrolysate and L-theanine, which synergistically work together to reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation. By calming the mind and creating a state of relaxation, Rilax® aims to support individuals in achieving a more restful sleep. In studies using RLX2, results showed that the supplement can mitigate poor sleep quality and may also have an anxiolytic effect.

“We believe that Rilax has great potential to grow not only in the markets that we are currently distributing in, but also beyond,” said Chan. In fact, a recent sleep tracker study by Milieu Insight this year, revealed that almost 3 in 4 Southeast Asians are not getting a good night’s sleep. The study reported that 46% of SEA residents face sleep problems at least a few times a week and 59% are getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep. The most common sleep problems that respondents experienced were: 49% had difficulty falling asleep, 39% were waking up often at night, and 38% had an irregular sleep and wake cycle.

The lack of sleep and reduced quality of sleep can lead to various health issues and reduced productivity. Offering a safe alternative sleep aid to prescription medications, Rilax® sleep supplement helps people to fall asleep faster, stay asleep and to wake up with energy and passion for life each day.

Rilax® is available to consumers directly online, via major e-commerce and pharmacy retail outlets. For more information, visit

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