Spreading Awareness While You Sleep!

Petaling Jaya, 16 March 2014 – Shoppers were caught by surprise when a ‘sleep mob’ gathered at a major shopping mall to take a public nap in the middle of a busy afternoon. Hosted by leading and best-selling brand of all-natural sleep supplement Rilax Zzz®, the event was held to promote awareness on healthy sleep.

The ‘sleep mobbers’ – donned in pyjamas, nighties, bedroom slippers and carrying around pillows, blankets and teddy bears – started appearing from various parts of the crowded mall to assemble at the Ground Floor Promenade of 1Utama Shopping Centre, where everyone got together and promptly took a nap! While dressed in their bedroom best, mobbers took the opportunity to spread some awareness on healthy sleep with fascinating ‘sleep facts’ printed on handheld signs: “Did you know? Not getting enough sleep can make you gain weight!” read one sign, while another stated “Did you know? Getting enough sleep can help make your learning more efficient!”

It was a pyjama party like no other, as around 60 mobbers yawned and stretched themselves into various sleeping positions while curious onlookers whipped out their smartphones to snap a few photos. Made up of families, friends, teenagers, young adults, children and even senior citizens, the sleep mob was a true 1Malaysia get together with participants of various backgrounds aged between 5 to 73 years old!


Held in conjunction with World Sleep Day 2014 organised by the World Association of Sleep Medicine, Malaysia’s 1st Sleep Mob was organized by LiveLife Sdn Bhd, distributor of Rilax Zzz. “We wanted to celebrate World Sleep Day on a larger scale this year, and we decided on a fresh take on the usual ‘flash mob’ concept. In preparing and researching for this event, we learned that getting quality sleep is really a problem among Malaysians, especially those with busy schedules and living in urban areas. We want to spread awareness about the fact that getting regular healthy sleep can do wonders for your overall health, and is as important as other health factors such as diet and exercise,” said Aileen Chan, CEO of LiveLife Sdn Bhd.

As for the mobbers, it was equally informational as it was enjoyable, and appeared to be the first time many of them ever participated in such a public event. “I’ve always wanted to take part in a ‘flash mob’, but I couldn’t commit to dance practice sessions. This ‘sleep mob’ was a fun way to spend time with friends and we learned a lot. I always knew that sleep was important, but it was good to be reminded,” said 27-year old Sales Executive from Kuala Lumpur, Hana Amira who participated with friends.

Mobbers also uploaded pictures of themselves in their sleepwear to social media channels with the hashtags #MYFirstSleepMob and #WorldSleepDay2014. Prizes were later awarded to mobbers who earned themselves titles such as “Best Dressed Sleeper” and “Most Creative Sleeping Position”.

Malaysia’s 1st Sleep Mob, presented by Rilax Zzz was supported by venue partner 1Utama Shopping Centre. Rilax Zzz is Malaysia’s award-winning, best-selling all-natural sleep supplement developed by LiveLife Bio Sciences AG, Switzerland; and can be purchased at all leading pharmacies as well as via various online marketplaces.

To see pictures of the ‘sleep mob’ or to find out more information on Rilax Zzz, surf over to www.rilax.info or ‘Like’ the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rilaxzzz . Information on World Sleep Day 2014 can be found at www.worldsleepday.com

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