Here’s A Proven Solution to Your Sleeping Problem

What are Mental Heath Problems?

In general, our mental health is just as important as our physical health : but many people have a mindset to put their physical health over their mental health first. Truth be told, our body and mind should not be thought of as separate, but oftentimes they are. We cannot deny that mental and emotional disorders are seen in certain cultures as less valid than physical problems. They are seen as a sign of weakness or as our own fault somehow.

Our mental health attributes the way we feel, think, sleep and react in our daily lives. It also influences our capability to grapple with stress, anxiety and recoup from the mishaps and difficulties of life. The truth is that bad physical health can lead to extended chance of mental health problems just as poor mental health can start to affect and worsen physical health.

Stress and Anxiety vs Sleep

A significant number of us thrash around or watch the clock when we can't rest for a night or two. Yet, a restless night is a normal thing for some people.

The main reasons people have sleeping problems are caused by stress and anxiety, and they might make existing problems worse. Studies have found that while anxiety and stress triggers sleep deprivation, it also suggests that sleep disorders are directly contributing to anxiety and stress.


Symptoms of anxiety may vary for anyone. They can happen anytime of the day, morning, or night. The most common symptoms of anxiety include :

  • Excessive worrying
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling restless
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Panic attacks
  • “Knots in the stomach”
  • Sweating and chills

As people have their own ways of handling stress, symptoms of stress can also vary. We may encounter any of the following symptoms of stress.

Physical symptoms :

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Low energy
  • Tense muscles and aches
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Feeling of nervousness
  • Weak immune system
  • Fatigue

Behavioral symptoms :

  • Excessive eating or not eating at all
  • Procrastinating and avoiding tasks
  • Nervous habits (ie: biting nails, pacing)
  • Using cigarettes, alcohol or drugs to relax

Emotional and cognitive symptoms :

  • Easily frustrated
  • Depressed (feeling worthless, lonely, hopeless)
  • Constant worrying
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Mood swings
  • Racing thoughts
  • Inability to focus
  • Forgetfulness

What Causes Stress and Anxiety?

For most people, stress and anxiety come and go, but for some people, they may linger for a long time and if not handled properly in a matter of time, it may lead to mental health issues like depression and bipolar disorder. This is why it is so important to treat stress, anxiety and sleep disorders effectively

Top causes of stress and anxiety

  • Death of a spouse
  • Divorce
  • Death of a close family member
  • Illness
  • Major injury
  • Marriage
  • Job loss
  • Toxic work environment
  • Work load
  • Financial Issues
  • Relationships
  • Major life change

Determining What is Stress for You

It is important to list out and get to the bottom of what is causing you to have stress and anxiety. Before we get into the common causes of stress faced by the society, remember that there are ways of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Financial Burden

Many of us are having to deal with financial issues all the time in all aspects of life, especially during the pandemic. People affected are finding it hard to cope with sudden unemployment stress, job loss and pay cuts and increase of commitments and this may lead to having stress, anxiety and trouble sleeping at night.

Work Stress

While some stress in the workplace is natural, excessive stress can affect your productivity and efficiency, your physical and emotional health, and also your relationships. Toxic workplace environment can lead to loss of sleep and extreme stress and due to these reasons, you will be dragging your feet to work daily, and it is an unhealthy thing to do. However there are ways you can take to prevent yourself from falling deeper into the loop.

Loss and Grief

It is the worst when one is coping with the loss of someone dearly and most of the time, the pain and heartbreak can feel overwhelming. We may encounter all sorts of emotions like shock, intense sadness, guilt, anger, or even having a hard time to accept the reality. While everyone has their own ways of grieving, there are healthy and right ways to deal with the pain.

How to Relax with Rilax


What is Rilax®?

Rilax® is a clinically tested, natural sleep supplement that improves sleep quality and promotes relaxation so that you will get the healthy and restorative sleep your body needs. The brand was awarded the Best Buy Award Health 2017/2018 Malaysia for Dietary Supplement for Better Sleep. With active ingredients derived from milk and green tea, Rilax® improves sleep quality and promotes relaxation so you will get the healthy, restorative sleep your body needs. It is a product of LiveLive BioSciences AG Switzerland, specially developed and it is safe, effective, 100% natural and halal.

Rilax® is an evidence-based supplement trusted by thousands around the world. The results of two recent clinical studies showed that the group on Rilax® experienced overall better sleep quality, reduced sleep latency, reduced sleep disturbances and improved daytime functioning, and lowered stress, anxiety and depression levels. It is a product that helps destress and relax the mind and body.


Here at Rilax®, we genuinely care and want to help you overcome your sleeping problems, stress and anxiety. We want to spread the great news and joy of all of our users’ experience with us!
We all know that Hong Kong is the Asian city that never sleeps. Known for its fast-paced life, a user of Rilax® from Hong Kong shared that before he started taking Rilax®, he was pressured and overwhelmed. But Rilax® changed him and he has had a peace of mind and much needed deep sleep at night since then. Another user shared that her shoulder and back pain disappeared after about a week on Rilax®! She was able to sleep better and she felt much more energetic at work. You can read all of our testimonials here.

How and Why Rilax® Works

Rilax® contains a proprietary formula RLX2 that consists of  Alpha S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate and L-Theanine.

Alpha S1-Casein Tryptic Hydrolysate is a bioactive peptide extracted from the milk of only the Holstein breed in France. These cows are specially reared and the milking is done only at night. The milk bioactive peptide has an affinity for GABA-A receptors, and increases the activity of GABA which is a neurotransmitter known for its inhibitory action on anxiety and for its relaxing properties. The milk bioactive peptide induces relaxation, improves sleep and promotes slow delta brain waves leading to deep restorative sleep. It is classified by FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe)

L-Theanine is an amino acid naturally found abundant in green tea leaves. Studies show that L-theanine enhances sleep quality and efficiency. L-theanine promotes sleep via a subtle anxiolytic effect, altering levels of neurotransmitters and enhancing alpha brain waves. In addition, supplementation does not promote drowsiness, cause dependence, or lead to adverse reactions. It produces a minor anxiolytic effect to the extent that stress is reduced and concentration improves. FDA has granted L-theanine GRAS status.

How Should I Take Rilax®?

The intake of Rilax® may vary for each person, depending on his/her specific needs.
How to use :

  1. To promote sleep: 1 capsule a day, before bedtime.
  2. For general relaxation and to relieve stress : 1 capsule during the day.
  3. Chronis actress : 1 capsule a day, before bedtime.
  4. Acute stress : 2 capsules taken together, before bedtime.

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